the LCA project

Weeks 4 & 5, Fashion Week: Green is the new black, TENCEL ® testing

Last week was Copenhagen Fashion week, with the LCA project grabbing quite a bit of attention on….

Week 3: TENCEL ®, reaching goals and positive feedback from the Danish Fashion Institute

I was so happy last week when I received an email full of positive feedback about the project…

Rare Combination of Research and Design for an Environmentally Responsible Clothing Line

Fashion designer Rachel Kollerup has launched a new research initiative that openly documents environmentally responsible, sustainable clothing to…

Week 2: Healthy clothing

So here we are in Paris, fashion-capital of the world and basically a giant game of fairytale make-believe for my girls – and children in general. Everything about the City of Lights is so inspiring, it brings new meaning to the word “innovation” and I find myself with a new understanding of sustainability.

Week 1: Higg index, consumer responsibility, sneak preview of the first prototype

This past week has been unusually – and pleasantly – warm for summer in Denmark, so the other day when I sat down for my initial meeting with Rasmus Nielsen, M.Sc., of FORCE Technology, we were both more than happy to take refuge under the shade of a tree and cool off a bit. Needless to say, the outdoors seemed …