Week 2: Healthy clothing

So here we are in Paris, fashion-capital of the world and basically a giant game of fairytale make-believe for my girls – and children in general. Everything about the City of Lights is so inspiring, it brings new meaning to the word “innovation” and I find myself with a new understanding of sustainability. Even here, surrounded by fashion galore, I can’t help but feeling like something is missing. We currently don’t have the choices we should in envorinmentally-friendly clothing, and as I see that more and more with my travels, I strive to fill that hole.

When I think of one area where attention is really missing when it comes to clothes, it is our health. Given the current heat wave across Europe and scorching temperatures in Paris, sweaty and sticky has become the new norm…. all the more a reminder of the importance of ecological fabric choices. A quality Green fabric lets the skin breathe and doesn’t release harsh chemicals when it comes in contact with sweat, making it both a socially responsible and healthy choice. I mean, after all isn’t that we want? Clothing that not only looks great, but also feels great.

What we don’t want is to go crazy with hideous fabrics, such as the dreaded brown flax or even worse – un-dyed organic cotton. Just because something is environmentally responsible doesn’t mean it has to look it, and with the new collection we definitely put fashion first. I sincerely believe it’s up to the designer to give collections the style and cuts that set them apart while using green materials.

For buyers, a good place to start is the care and information label on the inside seam of a garment. Nontoxic, “healthy” fabrics which are perfect for summer included linen/flax, tencel, viscose, bamboo and cotton. For Winter, opt for wool.

Next week I’m back in Denmark, where I will be receiving the very first yards of fabric for this first collection.  It includes tencel, linen, viscose and wool. Then, it’s on to making samples for the men’s collection!

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