Designer Rachel Kollerup.
Photo: Rachel Rebibo

Danish designer Rachel Kollerup creates luxurious, wearable and environmentally responsible pieces. Her timeless aesthetic is infused with a modern Scandinavian touch, which can be seen in her innovative attention to detail.

“Fall in love with classic, environmentally responsible womenswear from sustainable Danish designer Rachel Kollerup.”

The Rachel Kollerup brand is the definition of classic elegance with a modern Danish twist, creating wearable pieces with innovative details. Channeling femininity and everyday-chic while keeping a commitment to ethical fashion, Rachel Kollerup designs timeless pieces which can be worn season after season, day or night.

Material choices are a key element of the Rachel Kollerup brand, which uses luxurious, natural fabrics such as wool, viscose and linen. All of the carefully-selected fabrics used by Rachel Kollerup are one hundred percent environmentally responsible and tested for long-term durability.

Quality, sustainability and timeless design ensure that pieces from Rachel Kollerup stand the test of time. The designer herself verifies each stage of the production process, from raw fiber material and fair-trade conditions to shipping and transportation, creating a luxury line which is truly eco-friendly.